IES began as Ingram Express Services in 1995 as a fulfillment company with a big vision. Over the years, we expanded into large-format printing and made a commitment to our clients that we would never be limited in what we could do.

That’s why we always utilize the latest technology and hire the best people. We have an extensive inventory program that allows us to stock the largest selection of materials in Middle Tennessee so our customers never have to wait for us to order supplies. Our business is built around promising and executing quick turnaround times for our clients and bringing their vision to life.

And that’s why we changed our name to IES. Imagine. Execute. Ship. It better reflects who we are and how we partner. We are here to help you put your ideas to work. You Imagine. We Execute. We Ship. Your goals are our goals.

“From the day I started this company, my vision for it was always to start small, be the best at what we did and then grow,” says IES founder Adam Ingram. “And for more than 20 years, we’ve continued to branch out and take on whatever project a client might need, but to do it with the same enthusiasm and dedication that got us where we are today.”

Our services have expanded to include graphic design, content development, project management, printing, finishing, picking/packing, fulfillment, and more – for a wide variety of materials. We customize a unique package of services to suit each client’s needs.

At IES, we will manage your project for you, so that you can be free to do your job while we do ours. When you work with IES, we think of ourselves as part of your team. We bring our company full of specialists to you, but you gain the expertise of many through one point of contact.

If you’ve been to a mall, an arena sporting event or a trade show lately, you’ve seen our work. Let us work the same magic for you as we bring your ideas to life.

  • Small Business

    • Although we work with many large retailers and businesses, we will always believe that smaller jobs are just as important as the big ones. We see no job as too big – or too small.
  • Special Events

    • Special events call for some out-of-the-box thinking and deserve special treatment from your ideation and printing partner. We thrive on producing unique projects that really define any special event.
  • Big Business

    • Big doesn’t scare us. We have some of the largest and most technologically advanced printing and cutting equipment in town. We recently expanded our warehouse space by another 3,000 square feet to make even more room to house, fulfill and ship biggest of jobs.

IES Contacts

Scott Schweitzer – General Manager

Terri Abbott – Print Facility Manager

Jim Jennings – Vice President Business Development


Christina Adams – Print Account Manager

Gina Richlen – Fulfillment Account Manager

Paige Gregory – Print Account Manager