Build an Image with Lasting Durability: IES and BILD Print Media

With the number of advances being made in the large-format printing industry, there really should be no limit to where you can put your messaging. In the past, many creative locations were limited by printing materials that could perform in various climates and high-traffic areas.

For example, maybe you are a hotel and you want to advertise your happy hour drink specials on the bottom of your swimming pool, but you couldn’t find a product that would stick and be waterproof and still clearly visible. Furthermore, you couldn’t find a printer who could print on that material if it did exist.

But with the evolution of a product called BILD™ by Better Life Technology, durability and functionality are no longer issues. With the evolution of products like these, which are the most durable and designable multi-use print media in the industry, the only limitations now are your ability to be creative with your messaging.

“We have clients come to us all the time with crazy locations they want to use for marketing messages and in the past, the printing materials available could limit the options of what we could do effectively,” said IES President, Adam Ingram. “But the BILD technology allows us to not only print just about anything, we can put it pretty much anywhere and know that it will last.”

BILD is a proprietary, fully customizable, multi-use print media that allows you to print any image on virtually any surface and can be both permanent or removable/repositionable. Traditionally, the way vinyl printing surfaces were constructed reduced their durability. But with the BILD technology, the surface is a solid polyvinyl product that is built to outlast any other vinyl products. It is also both lightweight and recyclable.

“Utilizing this technology, we can take beautiful photography and graphics and reproduce them in a life-size format and not worry about heavy traffic distorting or reducing the visibility of the images,” Ingram said. “We can print sharp graphics at any size that can really bring spaces to life that traditionally weren’t suitable for graphics.”

IES, formerly known as Ingram Express Services, is the only Certified Printer for BILD technology in Tennessee.

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IES, formerly Ingram Express Services, was founded in 1995 by Adam Ingram as a shipping and fulfillment company. The company expanded and evolved into large-format printing ranging from special event and retail branding to vehicle wraps and point-of-sale marketing items. If you have been to a mall, arena sporting event or trade show lately, you have seen our work. IES prides itself on being a partner, not just a vendor on your job.