IES Achieves G7 Expert Certification

Ingram Express Services (IES) is excited to announce that we are now G7 Certified by Idealliance. This certification solidifies IES as a proven leader in the display graphics print industry, with demonstrated capabilities across color management, process, and quality control. G7 Certified Printers are equipped to handle the most stringent demands and maintain the highest level of quality required by leading print buyers.

G7 is an internationally recognized methodology for calibrating printing presses and proofing systems. It raises the bar on color-matching performance and guarantees that you are working with only the best printers in the marketplace.

Bottom line? It means exceptional print quality and color consistency.

G7 Master Colorspace Certification

Exceeding Print Quality

The G7 certification is achieved through rigorous testing with proven accuracy. In other words, it shows that the company will exceed the quality of print of a typical print shop.

A G7 Certified Printer:

  • Is skilled, tested, certified, and proven to be a leader in print production
  • Knows the fields of color management, process, and quality control for proofing and printing
  • Works to improve brand consistency

Consistency in Color

This accreditation is another example of how IES continues to adapt and innovate. We’re providing the best possible visual representation of our client’s brands. A G7 certification ensures our clients that every printed item they receive from us will be the highest quality and consistent with the unique specifications of the job.

The greatest benefit of G7 certification is knowing color will be consistent across multiple platforms, even when those platforms are not the same printer—establishing an industry standard for consistent color. Large national brands often need to spread their work across multiple printers, and G7 certification gives them the comfort that their color will be consistent.

Through expertise and experience, the craftsmen at IES will create vivid, high-impact printed pieces, marketing displays, graphic displays, and signage that exceed expectations. IES can help you achieve superior results using the latest technology. Whether you need prepress, wide-format, or small-format printing, IES is here for you!