Looking Back on 25 Years

It was 25 years ago this month that a young man by the name of Adam Ingram was working in the fulfillment industry. He saw an opportunity to start his own company within that industry, and thus Ingram Express Services (IES) was founded. Never in his wildest dreams did he think IES would become what it is today.

Adam Ingram

With no sales staff for the first 18 years, IES heavily relied on word-of-mouth sales and a simple guarantee that IES would do what we said we were going to do. This guarantee is still at the heart of the company and continues to drive our business today.

The main reason why IES has stayed in business for so long? Ingram believes it’s the people. “Finding the right employees and surrounding yourself with the right people that share the common goal to grow the business,” says Ingram. “The more people you have that have that goal together, it’s a lot easier.”

The family atmosphere of the team has been present since the beginning. Gina Richlen, Director of Fulfillment, is the longest-tenured employee with IES. She vividly remembers the days where Ingram’s kids were running around the shop. When asked what she likes about IES now versus the past, Richlen also believes the people have made IES what it is today.

Gina Richlen

“Overall, I just love the teamwork, from back then and now,” says Richlen. “Teamwork is very important to me. Without it, we’re not a team.”