What’s Happening at IES

Fulfillment was the foundation of IES and is still a large component of our company today, ensuring quality and precision in every kit we pack for clients. Over the years we’ve branched out from that foundation into more services, including display graphics, environmental design, and packaging.

“We’ve honed and developed focus,” says Jim Jennings, Vice President of Business Development. “[We have] front-to-back delivery for our clients that meet all their needs. It creates a one-stop-shop for them.”

Design Center


Over the years, IES has added new processes to our assembly lines to improve efficiency. New equipment and machinery have helped streamline those processes. Our printing services have gotten faster over the years, allowing us to reduce turnaround times from days to hours.

Environmental design was added as an IES service within the last year, with Jim Carlton at the helm. He believes this digital approach to designing spaces is the perfect way to see the unseen.

“In the olden days, you’d either build a prototype or have a mock-up. Now you can build almost a live model and show the environment as it can exist,” says Carlton. “The customer can see it in context, adjust, evaluate if it’s in the proper location, and judge if it needs to be larger or smaller.”

Jim Carlton

As the world continues to evolve over time, IES is determined to keep the focus Jennings talked about, stay on top of the trends, and invest in technologies that’ll help our clients.

Hadley Williams, our Sales Representative at IES, works directly with many agencies around Nashville as well as with national brands. Being the connection between clients and our company, she believes having a combination of services in-house is what makes IES stand out from the rest.

“Trust is everything [as a sale representative],” says Williams. “It’s not just me making the magic happen, it’s our team around us. It’s just a blessing that I can count on them.”

As a family-owned Nashville business, IES has built a reputation as a dedicated team that local, national, and global clients can trust.