Who’s The Boss?

If you have ever had the honor of raising kids, or been around a younger one throwing a tantrum, it is not completely out of the questions that you will here, “You are not the boss of me!” This comment is usually preceded by the audacity of the person in charge saying something like, “No, you cannot wear your underwear on the outside of your pants!”

When it comes to customers and their desires, sometimes we are asked to smile and just say “Of course, that looks great!” Forcing us to walk the fine line of being honest and slapping them upside the head and shouting “What are you thinking?” Although the later may bring some instant satisfaction, the odds are pretty good, unless you are related to the customer, that you have lost them with any repeat business.

So what are they thinking? Probably a lot about anything but what we are selling. In many cases, our customers have been asked to have signs or banners printed up for an upcoming meeting or event. This event may be the biggest project our customer may be a part of this entire year and they are completely dialed in on all of the intricacies and nuances of the project. If we ask them any questions pertaining to the project, they either have the answer or get it back to you immediately.

On the other hand this same customer may be in charge of the same event, and the deadline is quickly approaching when they come to us with only a small project that is independent of the main event. Their focus is obviously on the main event, and the stress of the approaching deadline. The company’s resources are on the main event and they are unable to supply us with the correct information in order for us to provide the superior service we wish to be known by. This can be very frustrating, as we know, with a little help, it could all be better. All we need to do is try …..

Ah ha, that is it! Trying to get our customers to see what we want is folly. In the end, they just want their product printed and to them as quickly and as accurately as they can have it. Finding that balance between their needs with ours is what will set us apart.

I leave you with the quote from the great Dr. himself. “Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.”

~ Dr. Seuss

P.S. – Bet you did not think you would get a blog containing the great wisdom of both Yoda and Dr. Seuss!