Pedigree Foundation / MossWarner


MossWarner was challenged with creating a retail environment for the Pedigree Foundation that both displayed the mission of the foundation and provided a point of purchase solution that made dog lovers know that their purchases would make a difference in the lives of dogs.


The solution included a variety of displays, hardware and fixtures. Ingram Express was able to provide custom fabricated displays, hanging graphics, wall murals, and print collateral that meet the creative needs of MossWarner.


The result is a retail space that communicates the mission of the Pedigree Foundation in a warm and inviting space. Displaying the merchandise that supports the mission and creates a sense of community for dog lovers that want to make a difference. Since opening at the end of May through the end of September, they’ve sold more than $56,000 in gear.

Project Highlights

  • Create retail environment for Pedigree Foundation
  • Provide custom displays, graphics, and wall murals
  • Communicate Pedigree's mission in an inviting space