The Pilot Company


The founder of The Pilot Company, Jim Haslam, recently came out with a memoir about the business principles of leadership and working for others. The Pilot Company needed a design for a retail book display that would be featured in 350 of their stores across the nation. The space for the display would be limited and the design needed to have 18 books featured at one time.


While The Pilot Company provided the graphics, Ingram Express Services used our 3D CAD design service to create a functional shelving unit that met all their needs. Our team went ahead and made a unit with an attached header that was pre-assembled before being shipped. Once it arrived at the locations, the store managers only needed to pop the back open to have them on display.


The shelving units were simple for store managers to set up, and the books are now out on public display in roughly half of their retail locations. Ingram was proud to be a part of this project, as all proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit nonprofits that support small, entrepreneurial, or community-based ventures. If you happen to stop at a Pilot location, be sure to check out our latest work and pick up a copy of the book.

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Project Highlights

  • Environmental design
  • Print production, fulfillment, and distribution of display graphics
  • Limited retail spaces