The IES Process

Looking for a collaborative print and design company for your next retail design project? Choose Ingram Express Services as your full-service partner! Our Nashville-based company is an industry leader in point-of-purchase print, display manufacturing, and distribution.

So, what exactly does the IES process look like?


Everything starts with an idea. We use the latest in environmental design technologies to give our clients a more accurate, immersive design experience than ever before, bringing that idea of yours to life.

IES uses virtual mock-ups, 3D animations, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) to create design environments. We also have CAD display software that allows clients to see the height, width, material, and branding within a virtual 3D environment. This approach streamlines the entire workflow and provides one comprehensive system for designs and production files. Additionally, IES also offers custom packaging designs that’ll make your brand, promotion, event, or product stand out.

These technologies give every participant in the process the chance to speak the same language, see the same picture, and ultimately deliver a higher quality product.


Once the ideas have been discussed and finalized, they head into the next step in our process: production. IES offers large-format printing for display graphics and retail signage of many shapes and sizes:

• Point-of-purchase graphics
• Banners
• Coroplast signs
• Table-top graphics
• Window graphics
• And more!


Production’s wrapped up, which means now’s the time to get your finished projects out into the world through distribution.

Fulfillment tends to be the most difficult area for many of our clients, but it’s the foundation of our company and, quite frankly, we’re very good at it. Our team will make sure your projects get where they need to be on time so you can focus on what matters: running your business.

The IES process is collaborative the entire way through. We want to help bring your ideas into reality. Interested in partnering with IES for your next retail design project? Get a quote today!