IES Announces the Addition of the VUTEK Q3r Printer

Have you heard the good news? IES is thrilled to announce the addition of our new VUTEK Q3r printer and expanded print facility.

From the beginning, we’ve followed two basic principles. The first is to build a sustainable, profitable business by carefully attending to the needs of our customers while simultaneously pushing our boundaries and expanding into adjacent markets. The second to develop a formula for expanding our boundaries in predictable, repeatable, and sustainable ways.

Over the years, we have applied these two core principles and approached each expansion with extraordinary discipline, applying rigorous decision filters before purchasing any new print equipment and expanding into adjacent markets. And each time, we were able to grow by thoughtfully understanding our customers and then carefully attending to their specific needs.

Fast forward to 2021, we are once again pushing the boundaries and expanding with a national scope. IES has teamed with EFI to offer our customers improved and expanded print capabilities by adding the VUTEK Q3r press. Additionally, we are adding an expanded 13,000 square-foot print facility. This new 13,000 square-foot space and the new Q3r will enable us to meet the needs of our current and future customers and more than double our production capacity.

“With the significant growth of our customers, the need for print display materials continues to increase at a rapid pace. The VUTEK Q3r was the perfect choice to serve this market,” says Jim Jennings, VP of Sales and Business Development at IES. “The VUTEK Q3r is an incredible machine. It is the fastest printer in its class and can achieve record production speeds. The print quality is second to none, even for the most challenging applications.

“The best part is that we can provide a huge competitive edge for our customers by delivering unprecedented speed and quality, exceeding the demands of today’s market. We aim to compete on a national scale by providing high-volume and premium-quality, wide-format signage and display graphics.”

Key Features of VUTEK Q3r

More Applications

The VUTEK Q3r printer can produce a wide range of applications, from the most demanding high-print-quality POP with multi-layer white to high-volume campaigns that require lower production costs. Customers can go beyond with a wide range of application capabilities—white and clear, double-sided printing, textiles, and more.

Beyond Speed

The 137-inch wide Q3r is the fastest, most productive roll-to-roll display graphics printer in its class, capable of printing up to 6,006 square feet per hour.

Enhanced Quality

The Q3r features 7-picoliter printheads with multi-drop addressability for high-definition image quality. It produces outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients, and transitions, as well as precise and sharp 3-point text with a true resolution of up to 1,200 dpi.

Production Efficiency

The Q3r brings a new level of production efficiency—from file submission to finished print that’s cut, rolled, and marked, ready for the designated display location. Customers will benefit from the increased throughput production efficiency that is faster than existing models in the market.

Enhanced Productivity

This Q3r printer also features options to enhance productivity and capabilities, including in-line quality inspection, in-line slitting and cutting, roll and tape collection, auto-calibration, automated backlit printing, automated blockout printing, and much more.

These are just a few of the key features that help you go beyond in 2021. We invite you to visit and see for yourself how IES can be a catalyst for success.